Fu̅l Café | Mediterranean Fusion
Ethiopian Coffee Ceremony
It starts with a cup of Dash Coffee
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Perfect ways to value your mornings.


A welcome cup wherever you go.


Single-Origin Coffee at its best. Our coffee beans never leave first grade. Which is the highest rating in Coffee. We source only the highest grade coffee beans harvested in the continent of Africa (The Birth-Place Of Coffee). From THERE, To HERE, To YOU – That's How We Do It.


FUL is an exceptional Sudanese cuisine that's a 5,000 year old recipe of mashed brown Fava Beans. FUL Café is about feeding you with mouthwatering toppings, scooped off your own individual bowl with warm pitta bread. Our FUL consists of several herbs and spices which are handcrafter to perfection. Our FUL is greatly affected by the cross-cultural influences throughout history. At the end of day; it's about "Teaching Our Culture Through Food".

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