Tesfaezgi Debesay


Mr. Tesfaezgi Debesay founded Instant Financials, LLC, in Baltimore, Maryland, in 2005. Since its establishments, it has had many accomplished publications praises as the best tax preparation company in Baltimore, Maryland. It was recognized by BBB as one of the best places to file your Income Taxes. For the last several years Mr. Debesay has put his investment into Dash Coffee to establish a specialty coffee shop here in the States and Abroad.


Thomas Abraham

Operations Manager

Thomas is an Operational Manager at Upper Cup Café in Columbus, Ohio. Thomas has worked with the Owner of Upper Cup Café since its opening in 2010. Thomas has worked several years in the coffee industry to enhance his skills and help Dash Coffee to become successful. Thomas and Tesfaezgi have collaborated in the past in other successful business ventures. Their cooperation has enabled Mr. Debesay to design and implement the services and machinery necessary to create a valuable and sustainable specialty coffee business.